Texas Folklore Society gets a new Fellow

My aunt, Frances Vick was honored by the Texas Folklore Society this past week in San Antonio, largely for publishing many Texas folklore books over the years.

A year ago, the folklore society voted to, as one of the speakers called it, “make a lady into a fellow”, so she knew she would be getting the award. What she didn’t know was that a half dozen people were going to show up and with speeches honoring her, and that these would be delivered in the course of the Folklore society meeting.

It turns out that folklore meetings are similar to physics meetings. People meet together and give and attend talks. Merchants sell books. Etc. The Texas Folklore Society is sufficiently small that the whole society meeting fits in a single room.

I attended to give a paper written by my father, J P Brannen. The papers are available here. The one that got the most laugh was the one written and delivered by my shameless cousin, Ross Vick, who wrote about his mother and education.

Ross’s description of his first college class, a remedial English (Fran taught English before becoming involved in publishing) class in which he recieved the grade “A” set the tone for his paper: So, I enrolled in the “flunk out” course: Freshman English. I loved that class. The professor we had in that class was a throwback to 1968 was enormously endowed, never wore any support and wore loose gauze like blouses and as she had extremely poor eyesight spent most of her day leaning over her desk squinting at her notes. Lovely.

Ross is about my age, pushing 50 that is, and is pursuing a dream quite as unlikely as my own. While I explore the nature of mass, Ross is trying to break into the music business. He’s had some success, and I expect more. You can hear his hit, “The Road” at the True Heart my space.

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