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The Snuark Algebra as a QFT

The snuark algebra is simply a finite subset of the Pauli algebra, the subset generated by spin in the +x, +y, and +z directions. If we were to do our calculations by the usual methods of the Pauli algebra, we would choose an orientation, typically +z, and define the +x and +y states in terms of the +z (spin up) and -z (spin down) states.

Our objective in this post is to relate the snuark algebra to the more traditional ways of calculating with the Pauli algebra. We will do this with the objective of turning the snuark algebra into a QFT, just as qubits can be turned into a QFT. And it will be the QFT theory of snuarks that will allow us to derive the Koide mass formulas.

Snuark interaction in algebraic and Pauli algebra notation

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