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Infrared Correction to Mass I

Earlier we postulated the snuark mass interaction for a transition from a left to a right handed state as a simple iq vertex stuck between two propagators:
Snuark interaction to first order

We postulated that the mass interaction that converts a left handed lepton to a right handed lepton involved three of these transitions happening simultaneously. We put the left handed snuarks as +x, +y, and +z, and the right handed snuarks as -x, -y, and -z. In doing this, because the snuark interaction forbids transitions between incompatible quantum states (for example from +z to -z), we found that there were only two ways this could happen. We labeled these two complex interactions as J and K. These two interactions amounted to the even permutations on three objects (not including the identity). They were (x,y,z) goes to (y,z,x) or (z,x,y). To distinguish the right and left handed states, we wrote these as (+x,+y,+z) goes to (-y,-z,-x) or (-z,-x,-y). All other permutations on the three objects (x,y,z) were forbidden because they included a forbidden interaction such as +x goes to -x.

Our analysis was correct in that we did find all the final states (two of them), but it was incorrect in that we did not include all the possible intermediate states. In this post and the next, we will sum over these more complicated interactions and compute an effective mass interaction. The calculation is quite similar to a similar calculation in standard QFT: the treatment of soft photons as a vertex correction to the interaction between an electron and a hard photon. See section 6.5 of Peskin and Schroeder.
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