Mass Ends Year on High

WordPress’s management software reports that this blog has steadily increased its readership this year, with each month better than the previous:
Mass Blog hits, monthly chart, 2007

Happy New Year to the readers.

 My resolution is to be more professional about physics in 2008. And hopefully to retire.


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5 responses to “Mass Ends Year on High

  1. Kea

    Yes, I’m getting more hits from your site these days, so keep up the excellent posts. Happy New Year, and here’s to your impending retirement!

  2. Whoo hoo!

    Excellent numbers, little bro.

    Happy New Year!

    Oh, and check your snail mail for the Xmas cookies.

    much love, hon.

  3. Delighted your work is catching on! Maybe there’s hope for the world…

    Best wishes, Kris

  4. Good work Carl, Happy New year!

  5. Carl,
    Congratulations, and here is to another great year!
    Jay R. Yablon

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