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Icosahedral Symmetry as a Decorative Knot

The decorative knots to be discussed here are those which are tied with one or more cords that may be repeated through several plies. These sorts of knots can be represented by self-intersecting loops on the plane, set up so that no more than two loops intersect at any single point. One generates a tying diagram from such by picking which of the two paths are uppermost at each intersection point. While this could be done more arbitrarily, for the knots discussed here the paths will be selected so that each path alternates over and under as in:
Example of planar knot tied with over and under pattern, on sphere

My eventual objective here is to tie a knot with approximate dodecahedral or icosahedral symmetry. Let’s begin with a line drawing that has the right symmetry. Flattened out to the plane, the dodecahedron looks like the following planar graph:
Dodecahedron spread flat
But this is not in the form we need; it is not in the form of a collection of loops. The basic problem is that, as a graph, there are three edges meeting at each vertex.
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