Help Save Bou’s Brain!

Things are flying in the physics world and there’s amazing things going on economically. And I owe some posts on these subjects.

But right now, more important for the brotherhood of blogs, is one of our own; Boudicca needs us. Her brain is at stake. a natural math talent could go to mush. We need to get her to quit marathoning (at age 43) and start doing mathematics again. We should start with the complex numbers. Right now she’s spending too much time quilting, and not enough time doing math.

Her husband is an Italian who won’t bury his gunshot victims in the backyard. And that’s not counting the hamsters and fish. Other than regarding small animals, her family and friends are nice. And she’s bet a bikini picture that Obama wins.

So get off your duffs and help Bou’s brain. She needs math problems now! Use 1st or 2nd year college algebra with a level somewhere on the 100 yard dash side of the running spectrum. We can give her the ravioli run later, after she’s built that brain back up.


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7 responses to “Help Save Bou’s Brain!

  1. Kea

    Phew. I know how she feels. At least running marathons is better for you than waitressing.

  2. carlbrannen

    Waiting at a New Zealand observatory has to be better than living in the US.

    Or do they have bird seed stealing squirrels in NZ? Some say they’re too nasty to eat.

  3. I have had the good fortune of being at a few blogmeets with Bou. Let me just say that she is scary smart, funny as hell, and I have no doubt that she’d look downright teriffic in a bikini.

  4. carlbrannen

    I have no doubt that you’re right, Jim.

    By the way, I ended up with 100% in engineering and 100% in math on that test she linked in (I linked to her blog post about it so if you click around you’ll find it). After that it was Journalism 83% and Psychology and Chemistry 75%.

    The last were Theater, Art, and Anthropology at 25% each. Which reminds me, I should write a post on ceramics.

  5. Bou

    Good Lord, you are cracking me up! Holy crap!

    OK, if this helps, I picked up another kid for tutoring this week. I now have… one finite math (no clue what that is… it appears to be Alg III?), two Geometry (because I didn’t hate it enough in HS, I need to tutor it to every 9th grader I know), and one Trig student. THAT one I’m excited about. I start next week, so I’m brushing up on my Trig skills.

    Someone asked me if I’d tutor Calculus, but I told them I’d haven’t tutored it in 20 years… I can’t let some HS depend on me for that. I need to brush up, although I remember it being easy.

    My reader Peggy is SHARP. She is good about keeping up with all this stuff… and no doubt she can get into Quantum Physics. She’s scary smart.

    The quilting is a good relaxing mind release… but I’m thinking the marathon thing may have been kind of… dumb. 😉

  6. carlbrannen

    glad you enjoyed it! Your posts regularly leave me delirious with laughter, when intended.

    The quilt comment is for the benefit of my sister. I know all about the joys of sewing, I was taught by my dad, who had me hold the ends of sleeping bags while he sewed them. I used to tailor my own woolen suits (which is a lot easier than it sounds like to someone who’s never tried it because you can use steam to change the shape of wool).

    Yet another lowbrow hobby I love is assembling jigsaw puzzles and I’m going to have to blog that one of these days.

  7. AdamMarquis

    Here to boo and to every other math enthusiast:
    Wildtrig28 @ youtube, by Nj Wildberger, lots of easly seeable and sharable, condensed math :O) Cubicthirdpower quantities, themselves squares of distances, when thinking of the moving, expanding summing window cubic math generates I’m in Awe :O) We’re cracking at something, don’t you think? I mean the humanity as a whole, in that We.

    Congrats to you both, delirious toward even better always, let me append: new paper by H; Lee Price from september 25th about pythagorean triples just too mindboggling, you guys might want to extirpate something from his effort for your own quests…

    Algebraically overtaking 4th dimension with algebra, triangle with no area yielding ratio of length parts is the same as ratio of acceleration of length of parts, would it be squared or not, tremendous result in WildTrig28 video *easly obtained, wiat t’il you read wildberger’s approach to infinitesimals, very nonstandard analysis àla Rosinger*, when reading guys like you even more sub-over-frustrating that we’re only this far, at least all working at it in our ways :O).

    Have a nice day guys,
    Feeding in the open,

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