More arXiv papers, Dec 15, 2008

Various papers which I may not yet have read, but want to take a look at:

Geodesic stability, Lyapunov exponents and quasinormal modes by Vitor Cardoso, Alex S. Miranda, Emanuele Berti, Helvi Witek, and Vilson T. Zanchin.

Categorical Foundation of Quantum Mechanics and String Theory by A. Nicolaidis.

A Finite Electroweak Model Without a Higgs Particle by J. W. Moffat and V. T. Toth.

A list of astrophysical paradoxes, and on the idea of “paradox” in general:Astrophysical Paradoxes by Dragoljub A. Cucic.

A particularly interesting paper for me:
Infinite Statistics, Symmetry Breaking and Combinatorial Hierarchy by V.Shevchenko:

The physics of symmetry breaking in theories with strongly interacting quanta obeying infinite (quantum Boltzmann) statistics known as quons is discussed. The picture of Bose/Fermi particles as low energy excitations over nontrivial quon condensate is advocated. Using induced gravity arguments it is demonstrated that the Planck mass in such low energy effective theory can be factorially (in number of degrees of freedom) larger than its true ultraviolet cutoff. Thus, the assumption that statistics of relevant high energy excitations is neither Bose nor Fermi but infinite can remove the hierarchy problem without necessity to introduce any artificially large numbers. Quantum mechanical model illustrating this scenario is presented.


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2 responses to “More arXiv papers, Dec 15, 2008

  1. carlbrannen

    Best explanation ever of braid group and quantum mechanics. Clearly this is important to the stuff we’re working on:
    New Kinds of Quantum Statistics
    Frank Wilczek

    Also of some interest:

    Dark Energy and Possible Alternatives
    M. Sami,

    Overview of the structural unification of quantum mechanics and relativity using the algebra of quantions
    Florin Modoveanu

  2. carlbrannen

    Check out this paper:

    Click to access FOOP9262.pdf

    I should write a blog about it, but I’m swamped with getting a paper on hadron Koide mass formulas out.

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