If you want to sing out, sing out

Why is there a 1919 photo of a silent movie star on my blog? I was watching TV just now. There was an advertisement for one odd thing or another. It abused a song that caught my attention. It was easy to recognize the singer, Cat Stevens, but I was sure it wasn’t on any album of his, and I knew he had stopped cutting new music long before I quit buying it.

A quick google search for the lyrics found that the song is one that Cat Stevens wrote for the romantic comedy movie Harold and Maude. It was somewhat shocking to see in the theater because that part of the audience that is “in the know” bursts into laughter at the first few scenes, that of a suicide by hanging. The song wasn’t released on any Cat Stevens album until a greatest hits album in 1984. I almost never buy greatest hits albums for artists I like, so I don’t have a copy of the song. The above photo is Ruth Gordon age 29, over 50 years before she played Maude in 1971. If you want to hear it, it’s possible that google will find a version.

And I’ve got a solution for fixing my paper. There will have to be another in the series. Mother nature is a rhymes with witch. Now I understand the mathematical relation between quantum numbers and path integrals much better. Just because an object is primitive it doesn’t always mean that it has unit trace.


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4 responses to “If you want to sing out, sing out

  1. Kea

    Oh, I love old films! Sigh. Singing out is not always so much fun. Why do I bother? The next quantum conference at PI has, yet again, an exclusively male list of invited speakers.

  2. Kea

    … not to mention this all male list … including some guy in Qld who just rejected my job application.

  3. carlbrannen

    You might enjoy Harold and Maude, as part of the story has to do with the reversal of rolls in romance.

    I actually rented the movie and watched it last night. It reminds me of another, much more recent, cult classic, Grandma’s Boy, not the 1922 film, but the one from 2006.

  4. Hello:

    Great article!
    I always liked Ruth Gordon; a veteran actress!
    When I saw this picture, she looks similar when she was old(er)…
    I adore “old things” like that – images, people in the 20´s; I make some techniques in handcrafts, and these things/themes are very wanted!

    Rodrigo O. Rosa (Brazil).

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