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If you want to sing out, sing out

Why is there a 1919 photo of a silent movie star on my blog? I was watching TV just now. There was an advertisement for one odd thing or another. It abused a song that caught my attention. It was easy to recognize the singer, Cat Stevens, but I was sure it wasn’t on any album of his, and I knew he had stopped cutting new music long before I quit buying it.

A quick google search for the lyrics found that the song is one that Cat Stevens wrote for the romantic comedy movie Harold and Maude. It was somewhat shocking to see in the theater because that part of the audience that is “in the know” bursts into laughter at the first few scenes, that of a suicide by hanging. The song wasn’t released on any Cat Stevens album until a greatest hits album in 1984. I almost never buy greatest hits albums for artists I like, so I don’t have a copy of the song. The above photo is Ruth Gordon age 29, over 50 years before she played Maude in 1971. If you want to hear it, it’s possible that google will find a version.

And I’ve got a solution for fixing my paper. There will have to be another in the series. Mother nature is a rhymes with witch. Now I understand the mathematical relation between quantum numbers and path integrals much better. Just because an object is primitive it doesn’t always mean that it has unit trace.


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Mass Survives 1 Year

This blog celebrated its 1st nominal birthday today with a new monthly record for view:
First year statistics for Mass blog

Views of the blog have increased month to month at a rate of about 20 page views per day per month. I don’t own a watch and hate to have to deal with time periods less than around two weeks. So in my natural units, page views are increasing at around 130 pages per square fortnight.


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Col. Raigoza’s Calculus Class

The internet contains a lot of information that is difficult to search for. One’s memory for how to spell a name fails with age and even if you find a piece of information that is important to you, if you don’t record it, it is possible for it to sink like one of those unverified island sightings during the age of discovery, and leave you tacking back and forth over the same waters muttering, “I know I saw that link here somewhere.”

Such was the case for me, with regard to the obituary notice of my high school calculus teacher, Juan Raigoza. Due to global pioneering’s recent whining about calculus, I have looked again, and found again, and now can write the post describing him and his class. Where was the link hiding? That I cannot answer, but the sadness I again feel at reading of his death suggests that perhaps my typing fingers held the telescope to a blind eye.
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A Secret to Growing Old Gracefully


If you live long enough, your ability to adjust the focal length of your eyes will decrease and the eye doctor will try to sell you a pair of bifocals.
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