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Cheating on Tests

I’m adding Parkway Rest Stop to my blog roll. The blog roll here is not a list of stuff that I approve of, but just a convenient place to keep a list of blogs I like to read. I ended up directed to Parkway because of a comment at The Mind of Dr. Pion that pointed to this post, about Army tests, and cheating on them.

And I’m wondering if Global Pioneering has moved on. His (well, her, according to Kea) website is coming up 404 now.
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Mass Survives 1 Year

This blog celebrated its 1st nominal birthday today with a new monthly record for view:
First year statistics for Mass blog

Views of the blog have increased month to month at a rate of about 20 page views per day per month. I don’t own a watch and hate to have to deal with time periods less than around two weeks. So in my natural units, page views are increasing at around 130 pages per square fortnight.


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Jay Yablon on Tensors and Symmetry

My approach to elementary particles is to try to build them up from a Clifford algebra assumed to have something to do with spacetime. This is inherently geometric, but it is not the only way to do geometry. A similarity is that both of us end up relating the three spatial dimensions to color. (Forgive me if I read too much into your papers, Jay.)

I keep finding similarities with what Jay R. Yablon is doing. While my approach is algebraic, he uses tensors. Unlike the usual approach to elementary particles, he puts tensors at the root and more or less derives the symmetries from there. For example, with the elementary particles, he gets that the 4x3x2 structure of the fermions arises from the 4! = 4x3x2x1 permutations of the four spacetime indices. From his recent paper, the fermions are organized as follows (with L=leptons, R, G, B = colors of quarks):
Jay's 4x3x2x1 = 4! split of the fermions

As I do, Jay relates the structure of the baryons to the structure of quarks. Further, he goes into looking at the hydrogen atom as a composition of three quarks and a lepton. This is fun stuff.

Interesting? Go visit Jay’s obscure blog and read the tensor theory behind all this.


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