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Okay, maybe this really is a blog.

All I wanted to do was to thank Kea for kindly mentioning my insane physics theory, but her blog was setup so that only other bloggers could write comments. So I had to join So what will I do with this blog? I will write about physics, but instead of directing it at high brow mathematical physicists like (soon to be) Dr. Sheppeard (Kea), I will write it for the common man.

Albert Einstein (or maybe Richard Feynman), once said about physics that if you can’t explain it to a ten year old (or maybe a college freshman), you don’t really understand it. I agree. So why didn’t I write my explanations for my version of physics at a simple level to begin with? Well it turns out that when you are explaining something to a person, you must take into account the education and inclinations of the person you are explaining too.

Almost all the things that any given person knows about the world are obtained indirectly, from what other people say. We do this by relying on “experts”. Therefore, to change opinions in physics, you must write not for the common people, but instead for the experts. So I did. I’ve convinced one or maybe two experts and that is enough for me. The rest will follow in time. I’m setting up a page to list the experts who agree with me, along with links to their comments and papers here.

You would think that an expert would understand everything about physics that a person uneducated in the subject would understand but this is not quite true. Part of a physics education is spent learning that common sense is not particularly useful for understanding physics. Physics has been very successful and physicists are quite sure that common sense leads one astray in understanding both quantum mechanics and relativity. What I will be doing here is describing a new foundation for physics, that is, relativity and quantum mechanics, that is based on common sense. Consequently, the explanations I write here will be more easily understood by those less educated in physics.



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